About Me

Hi, I'm Natasya, Just call me Nat :)

xoxo from Brown and Cony 

Thank you for coming and read my blog.

About natdonuts, basically just a random name with lots of luck for me.

Can be pronounce into 2 words:  nat + donuts and nat + do + nuts.
I’ll give you the translation for that.

24 Years Old; Female; 
a girl who loves to eat and travel. not fat, just easy to see.


a small fried cake of sweetened dough, typically in the shape of a ball or ring.
(I really do love donuts, It’s 100% fat free in the middle :))

(Not me, but my belly T_______T)

The main reason for me to create this blog is 'Sharing is Caring'.
I just want to share all delicious food, great place, unforgettable moment through this blog.
All contents in this blog are based on my own experiences, bad or good, I’ll tell the truth about that.

Should you have any question or suggestion, kindly let me know.
By email : ntstiffany@gmail.com, or give comment here.
Don’t forget to follow my Instagram @natdonuts

-- November 2016 --
Thank you so much, I never thought that I can achieve this >.<

xoxo, nat

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