[Indonesia] Harapan Island - Day 1

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I will share my traveling story to Harapan Island on 15-16 August 2015. Thank's to my friends, Annisa Dita, that ask me to join her open trip to Harapan Island. This is my first time go to Island, and I was really exited. The meeting place was in Muara Angke. It was super crowded that day, since It's long weekend, and lot's of people had the same destination, either Tidung Island, Pari Island, or Harapan Island. The boat was sail on 7 am, and you should noted that only 1 time, If you missed the boat, you will missed the Harapan Island as well.

It takes 3.5 hours in the sea. I suggest you to take antimo, or any other medicine to cover the headache, especially for those not familiar with the waves, because you will be tottering.

Here's the picture of our home-stay. It can accommodate up to 17 people, yes, 17. Don't expect too much about their facilities, It's not five star hotel anyway, there are  2 bedrooms, 2 restroom, 6 beds, 10 pillows, 1 sharing air conditioning, 1 TV, 1 Fan, and 1 dispenser.

Pulau Harapan is really hot, I bought Pop Ice twice a day, Pop Ice definitely my hero. Even the air-conditioning is not that working, even in the midnight. But at least, It reduce the heat.

We're lucky that our home-stay is near the seashore, so we can watch the sunrise in front of our home-stay.

There's lot of cats near our home-stay. One of my favorite cat is here. She's really cute, and give pose every-time I took her picture. Beware of the cat leader, he scratch my foot :(, you will know which one is the cat leader. Once he came, the others was standstill, watching him steal their food. Such a bad leader!

There's a Terpadu park in Harapan Island, that sell foods, and beverages. In long weekend, usually they hold some mini event at night. They built mini stage and we can watch It for free.

If you visit Harapan Island, you should try Cilung Abon Telor. The food is really unique. It consist of jelly/gelatin flour, mixed with quail eggs in the pan, and it will rolled in stick, after that, put it on jar with seaweed floss. You can choose original or spicy.

This is the final result of Cilung Abon Telor. Like this so much, and gonna miss this food as well. Can you guess the price? It's only IDR 5000,-

After we put all of our belongings and eat lunch, we prepared for snorkeling near Harapan Island. Make sure you put the sunblock, and put all electronic devices in plastic to avoid the water. When you Snorkeling, make sure that you don't touch the coral. I know first time It's really difficult, since you need to balanced your body, but you will get used to It.

Snorkeling Time
I forgot the name of the 1st snorkeling spot, will update this post, once I got the name. >.<
2nd Snorkeling spot is Pulau Macan. The fish had more variation that the previous one, but the coral was really sharp, I got scratched on my foot.

3rd spot is gusung dolphin. Gusung is a sand island, and rarely found. This place was really beautiful, you can take picture, like you're in the middle of the sea. My guide said to come here in weekdays, and It;s like your own island. They called it dolphin, because the wave was similar like dolphin.

4rd spot is Perak Island. Since we're really exhausted after snorkeling, we need to eat something, you can find foods and beverages in here.

Popmie was the best choice when you're really hungry. The price was IDR 10.000,- It still reasonable, isn't it?

Next is Putri Island. Not that good, but lot's of speed boat was stop here.

The island to watch the sunset was Bulat Island. I don't know exactly, why they called this island is bulat, since It's not that round compare to Perak Island. Unfortunately, I can't get a shot for sunset, since It was covered by cloud. This is the last picture I took, before the sun was disappear.

We're back to our home-stay. The water is a little bit salty. There was a BBQ and this beautiful scenery in-front of our home-stay.

Want to join the trip? You can check Ngebolang for more Information. They always update Open Trip information on that page. So make sure to like the page!

xoxo, nat

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