[Korea] Day 7: Gwanghwamun & Sulbing

by - 4:00:00 PM

Hi All,
I would like to share several photo when I visited South Korea in 2015. 
I just lost all my South Korea Trip Photos, and Photo Credit for All Photos in this Post belong to my travel buddy, dav. Thanks dav for share all pictures, and let me post on my blog :P


Walk though Cheonggyecheon Stream.

There was an small event, K-Smile, to promote South Korea Tourism for Foreigner, and we met Robin Deiana. If you ever watched Non-Summit, you must be familiar with him ^^

Don't forget to try Sulbing. One of the best Bingsu in South Korea.

Sulbing Gangnam
For other store: you can find in google maps ;)

I really miss South Korea right now, I wish I could be there again . 
Wish this memory can last forever.

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